A Tremendous Tribal Activity Tuesday

Shawn Marler June 29, 2016

The second full day of Classic 2 was filled with excitement and lots of Tribal Activities! Each tribe played many of our classic Camp Rockmont games, while the Hickory, Hemlock, and Sycamore Tribes were all in the middle of their Tribal and Cabin Campouts. This morning, Hickory and Hemlock had the opportunity to challenge themselves during their hike to Eden Rock. It is one of the best places at camp to see God’s magnificent creation. It also inspired a meaningful Morning Watch at nearly 4,000 feet above sea level. During Deer Camp’s Morning Watch on Eden Rock, the campers sang and danced to energetic songs and discussed The Parable of the Lost Sheep. Meanwhile, the Sycamore’s Tribal Campout was still in full swing at Black Mountain Campground where our campers were exploring hundreds of acres of national forest land.

We were also blessed with a few clouds at camp to keep it cool and shady while we were outside most of the day. The Buckeyes had a full day of fun that started with playing Gladiator, another version of our many shirt-tail-tag games. Their brother tribe, the Birches, played a strategic game of Risk at the Golf Course, which was then followed by a Free Swim before lunch. The remaining Mountain Camp tribe – the Poplars – participated in a game of Three-Ball-Three-Disc, a combination of soccer and ultimate Frisbee.

We had our most popular camp lunch, Taco Tuesday, and then the three tribes moved into more games and activities. The Buckeyes slipped into GBZ! They went up to Inspiration Point to have a go at our slip-n-slide and then went straight to the Gully Washer (G), Canoes & Paddleboards (“B” is for Boats), and Zip Line (Z). The Birches enjoyed a whole afternoon of the Waterfront to themselves. The Poplars decided to stay dry and have an intense Dodgeball Tournament in the gym. Afterwards, all were invited to enjoy a second Free Swim right before dinner.

After dinner and a delicious apple pie dessert, Tribal Activities picked right back up! All of Bear Camp went straight to the gym to play a crazy fun game of Battle Ball. Campers and staff alike danced their hearts out in this groovy version of dodgeball. The Poplars played Gladiator by the Dam before heading to their Night Swim. All of the activities eventually had to come to an end, but campers went back to their cabins for their devotion time. During devotions, they explored the story Jesus Feeds 5,000 People. Their discussions helped them see Jesus’ faithfulness through his presence and provision for his people.

This evening’s Bible Story…
Scripture: Matthew 14:13-21
Story: Jesus Feeds 5,000 People
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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