A Terrific Tribal Activity Tuesday!

Shawn Marler July 13, 2016

Today is one of everyone’s favorite days at camp, Taco Tuesday and all day Tribal Activities! On this fine first Tuesday of Classic Three, campers and staff had a great time strengthening bonds within their cabins and tribes through a variety of action-packed games and camp out experiences. It was bright and sunny outside until late this afternoon, so much sunscreen was applied and we stayed well hydrated throughout the day.

This morning after breakfast, Morning Watch, and Cabin Cleanup kicked off the day, the Buckeyes headed down to the lower fields to play Powerball. Campers were trying to score as many Powerballs (play pen balls in the photos) as possible into the opposing team’s Powerball Containment Unit. The Birch Tribe played a game of Invasion on the peninsula by the golf course. Invasion is a timed Capture-the-Flag event in which Pizza Points are awarded to the cabin that takes another team’s flag the quickest and to the cabin who defends their flag the longest. Deer Camp – the Hickory and Hemlock tribes – had spent last night on cabin campouts and tribal campouts, and tonight they will alternate. The Hickory Tribe will be split into cabin campouts, so they will get to bond with different cabins! The Hemlock Tribe is having a whole tribal campout tonight where they are all eating and sleeping in shelters together on the mountain as a tribe. This morning, all of Deer Camp hiked up to see the beautiful views at Eden Rock before continuing on their journey to their next camp out spot! The Sycamore Tribe enjoyed a full day in Pisgah National Forest on their tribal campout at Black Mountain Campground and will return tomorrow morning.

This afternoon was filled with exciting tribal activities with Buckeyes, Birches, and Poplars hanging back at camp for their own adventures. The Buckeye Tribe enjoyed a fantastic afternoon on the waterfront, and the Birch Tribe got to play on the slip and slide, fly down the zip line, and race down the Gully Washer! The Poplar Tribe got to have night swim before heading to their cabins for the evening! Bear campers went from a delicious dinner to the Gym for a game of Battleball! In Battleball, campers play an interesting version of dodgeball where – if they get out – they have to dance on the side to get back into the game!

Tonight after a long, but enjoyable day of events, campers will have devotion in their cabins. Today’s passage is from Mark 2:1-6. In this passage, Jesus heals a paralyzed man. The verses discussed hold a great message about the incredible faith of a paralyzed man and his friends who carried him to Jesus. This story teaches us that Jesus cares not only about healing our bodies, but he cares a great deal about healing our hearts as well. He cares about our whole person, and that’s good news!

This evening’s Bible story…
Scripture: Mark 2:1-6
Story: Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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