A Terrific Thursday!

Shawn Marler July 15, 2016

After enjoying a couple of mornings of later 8:45am breakfasts, it was time for camp to rise bright and early once again in order to have enough time to fully immerse themselves in their First and Second Skills. Paddleboarding ventured out into the lake for an aquatic version of Capture the Flag while on the other side of the lake Swim Sports played games out on the Waterfront. On the drier side of camp, Table Games was competing in the Golden Paddle Ping Pong Tournament and Crafts skill was weaving together bracelets and lanyards. There were also several campers who were off camp on a huge Appalachian river adventure. Some Bear and Deer campers rafted down the French Broad and Pigeon Rivers while those who signed up for an epic Mountain Biking trip headed to Pisgah National Forest.

The ball kept rolling after lunch as all the camps transitioned into Tribal Activities. That is everyone except for the Poplars who left for their Tribal Camp Out. The Poplars would get to fellowship with one another around the campfire and experience some of camp’s most beautiful locations. The Buckeye Tribe headed up to Inspiration Point for the Slip-n-Slide as well as a few rides down the Gullywasher and Zipline. All the while their brother tribe, the Birches, converged on the Upper Field for an exciting game of Three-Ball Soccer/Three-Disc Ulitmate. Deer Camp got to have the Waterfront to themselves during their Tribal Swim and the Sycamores headed to the Gym to play the Rockmont classic…Battleball!

After dinner the fantastic fun continued. Bear Camp came together on the Golf Course to conquer on another’s teams in Risk. The camp divided into six colors in order to defend their team’s flags and triumph over their opponents. The Sycamores continued the Shirt Tail Tag theme by spreading across camp in a sneaky game of Leprechaun. Deer Camp also spent the night playing Battleball in the Gym as it continues to be one of camp’s most beloved games.

As the day faded and camp fell into a more peaceful mood campers entered into their nightly devotion time. Tonight the passage was Mark 12:41-44, The Widow’s Offering. As we approach the end of the first week of Classic Three, this passages invites us to consider how God values things differently than we do, revealing his heart for the widow because of her incredible faith.

This evening’s Bible story…
Story: The Widow’s Offering
Scripture: Mark 12:41-44
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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