A Sunny Sundae Sunday

Shawn Marler June 20, 2016

While some campers took advantage of a late breakfast, others rose early, determined to conquer the mile swim and obtain the coveted black Swim Band. There was a strong turnout and all those who participated got to enjoy doughnuts and steamy hot chocolate. After breakfast and before heading to church, the campers had an extended cabin cleanup in order to start the week off fresh. The Tribal Directors and Camp Directors led church and discussed John 9:1-7 where Jesus heals the blind man, the same passage that staff discussed during their homily.

Dessert was noticeably absent from lunch today because…today was Sundae Sunday! Campers returned from their extended rest period to a choice of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream. Topping options included rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, crushed Oreos, and chocolate syrup. Many campers went into Tribal Activities with chocolate mustaches and happy bellies. While Deer and Bear Camps were free to explore the Rockmont grounds in Cabin Activities, the Mountain Camp tribes faced off in the Lake Eden Waterfront Olympics.

While most of camp was enjoying a more relaxing day, some Mountain Campers participated in a more challenging climbing excursion at Looking Glass Rock. There, campers had the chance to belay one another and climb on the more advanced part of the rock formation. They left camp after lunch and continued to climb into the evening, returning to camp tired but ecstatic for the new week ahead.

As we rounded out the first week of Classic 1 and savored the past few days of beautiful weather, we continued to relish in nature by eating our dinner lakeside. This was lucky for our fishermen as many fish gathered to scavenge for leftover chips and corn dog bits. One very large catfish took the bait and was wrangled in by both campers and counselors. After an exciting and social dinner, campers answered the call to their Tribal Sites and headed up the mountain for their second Council.

We invite you to fellowship with us and reflect on the same passage that we presented to both campers and staff this morning, the story of Jesus healing a man born blind. What has God opened your eyes to see this week? Where do you connect with the story? What is the good news?

Today’s Bible story…
Story: Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind
Scripture: John 9:1-7
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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