A Skill-full Monday

Shawn Marler June 21, 2016

Outside of camp, Mondays can be less exciting than most other days, but not here at Camp Rockmont. We started off the second week of Classic 1 with an all-day skill day! Before skills got revved up, all of the campers headed to a camp-wide Morning Watch after completing cabin clean-up. During Morning Watch, we all got pumped up for the day by singing and dancing to many of our favorite Rockmont songs. Soon after a crazy and energetic Morning Watch, skills began and campers enjoyed all four of their skills, stopping half-way to devour a delicious lunch to fuel the rest of their day.

Today was also an excellent day for the Ski Trip! Some of our Bear campers went to Lake James for a large portion of the day and participated in different water sports that included water skiing, wake boarding, wake surfing, and knee boarding. It was the first time trying any of these things for many of these campers, but it was such an amazing opportunity for them to get out of their comfort zone and experience growth in that area. The Poplar Tribe also got to venture away from camp after skills today to go on their Cabin Campouts. Cabin Campouts are a really important time for all of the campers, as they form friendships and memories that will last a lifetime while taking in the beauty and wildness of creation all around them.

After a tasty dinner, the rest of camp went off to their evening Tribal Activities. The Sycamore Tribe played one of our newest shirt-tale-tag games, Leprechauns. The Hemlock and Hickory Tribes had a movie night in the gym, in which they watched Finding Nemo and a collection of Pixar Short Films. Plaques were painted, and a thrilling game of three-ball-three-disc was played by the Buckeye Tribe, while the Birches enjoyed a Camp-In. During their Camp-In, the Birch Tribe did the typical things you might do on a campout, but this time it was all done in and around the lodge.

Camp Rockmont rounded out the day with a cabin devotion that covered John 11:1-44, “Jesus Bring Lazarus Back to Life”. Campers were asked to reflect on this passage and share with their cabin mates and counselors how they connected with the story. One piece of good news we take from this story is that God is in control of the good and bad situations. All we have to do is believe in Him and have faith, and then He will grow and shape us into the individuals that He has planned for us. He is the giver of life and is able to breath new life into us and into any situation we encounter.

This evening’s Bible story…
Story: Jesus Brings Lazarus Back to Life
Scripture: John 11:1-44
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What is the good news?

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