A New Front Yard!

Dan Davis August 11, 2021

Day four of the session has been a blast!


It has been encouraging to see the many first-time starter campers feeling at home (away from home) at Rockmont. One of the areas where Rockmont thrives is creating a community where campers become family as soon as possible. Sunday we welcomed novice campers, today the campers are walking around like camp is their front yard and that’s good news. 

Our mornings have been filled with skills: archery, rock climbing, homesteading, field games, crafts, swim sports, nature, outdoor skills, disc sports, air rifle, paddle boarding, and dam building.

The starter campers are loving the variety and the learning.


The afternoons are all about big group activities and games. Today’s epic game was RISK. We have had to dodge a thunderstorm each afternoon, but at Rockmont a pivot leads to some creative activity. When we return to the fields Risk has a slip and slide component that adds to strategic joy that makes for a great game.

The Base campers have been on trips each day.


Today’s trips were climbing and skiing. Tomorrow they will visit one of the most interesting swimming holes on the planet. We plan to have some videos for you on Friday!

Your sons are finishing day four looking and acting strong, confident, and keen!

Thank you for partnering with Rockmont!


Dan Davis

Director of Camper and Family Development

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