A Million Moments (Saturday Blog Post)

Shawn Marler July 5, 2015

Wow, what a day we have had here at Camp Rockmont! It all started when we woke up this morning and headed down to Eden Hall. As we walked down from our cabins, we were thankful for another day to be alive and living in this country. We looked out at the view of the mountain ranges just beyond Lake Eden and thanked the Lord for the freedoms we have just to be here at camp and enjoy such beauty. At breakfast, we were greeted by mountain campers and staff decked out in their most outrageous patriotic outfits celebrating the birthday of the United States of America. Saturday mornings are overflowing with sugary cereal, and every camper enjoyed their fill to get the day started off right.

Departing from Eden hall, we headed back to our tribal areas where everyone enjoyed singing songs about America with their tribes to continue the celebration. During morning watch, we had the opportunity to listen to what God desired for us to hear and meditate on as we continued forward with our days. For morning tribal activities, Bear camp played a game of American Revolution Transformers. Deer camp spent the morning playing Outbreak, which is one of their favorite shirt tail tag games, where they have to find paint cups hidden all over camp without having their shirt pulled. Meanwhile, the mountain campers were enjoying the sunny morning blobbing one another, racing each other’s best times down the gully washer, zip lining, and paddle boarding around the lake.

Our Fourth of July festivities continued as we chowed down on a southern classic, BBQ sandwiches. After a short rest period, everyone met by the lake for a surprise! The 4th of July retreat is a tradition that has a rich history here at camp. The camp directors all zip lined down into the lake wearing red, white, and blue. Then tribal directors performed an entertaining, slapstick skit “representing” the birth of this great nation. The ceremony ended with a tribal director, who is a navy veteran, raising our flag in honor of all of the troops who have served and serve this country today. We all sang the national anthem as we reflected on the many blessings that we are given as we abide in this nation.

Kicking off the afternoon, we all headed into our tribal activities. Bear camp enjoyed soaking up the sun on the waterfront. The hickory tribe learned how to work as a team, listen well, communicate effectively, and lead a group as they tackled the challenge course. The hemlocks had a “block party” and enjoyed community and fellowship with one another as they played table games and yard games while listening to some good jams. Mountain camp had a blast as they ran all over camp playing a camp wide capture the flag game called Risk.

As I was facilitating the game of camp wide risk, waiting for flags to be captured and returned, it struck me how many stories are created and shared here at camp. I looked out over the camp property and saw different tribes, cabins, and campers all engaging in different activities for the afternoon. I was reminded how there are a million different moments embedded in each day. Moments of leadership, moments of service, moments of listening, and moments of sharing. Moments of learning, moments of teaching, moments of love, and moments of grace. Every camper is creating stories here at Rockmont that they will remember and tell for the rest of their lives. The experiences that they have will mark them, shape them, and mold them into Godly young boys and men of courage, strength, and grace.

Before dinner we waved goodbye to bear camp as buckeye departed on their cabin campouts, and birch began their journey to their tribal campout. Camping is essential to the Rockmont experience. We believe that there is an energy in each and every one of us that can only be brought out in the wilderness and around a fire. The campouts are a great time for campers to have fun in the woods, learning outdoor skills, playing games, and roasting marshmallows. Even more so, it’s the perfect time for campers and counselors to share their stories and God’s story around the fire. Campers grow an appreciation for the outdoors as they hike, play, sing, pray, and share on their campout.

Closing out this glorious day, we had a meal of Swedish meatballs for dinner. For evening activities, the hickories enjoyed an epic game of Gladiator, as the hemlocks conquered the disc golf course. The poplars and sycamores were able to relax and kickback as they enjoyed watching movies in the gym. Many, many stories were made and shared today. Too many to count. I find myself in a spirit of gratitude for the moments that happen each and every day. I pray that each camper will not miss these moments and let them slip by, but they will grab hold of them and soak them up. Look forward to hearing your son share many stories with you when you see him again.

God bless America and the people of all nations,

Grace and peace,
Caleb Evington
Poplar Tribal Director

Tonight’s Bible Story…
Story: Take Up Your Cross
Scripture: Mark 8:27-37
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What is the good news?

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