A Foundation for the Dawn

Luke Vargas June 19, 2022

Every morning light creeps over the mountains and up into the sky, and the sun warms the misty morning over camp. The dawn fills the clouds with life, and hues of pink, orange and red thunder dusk into day. 

While most are still enjoying their last few hours of sleep, some campers tiptoe out of their cabins to the lake, carrying fishing poles and tackle boxes. These dedicated fishermen test their luck and their skill with every cast onto the glassy waters.

Meanwhile, others head straight for the GaGa Ball pits or maybe get in an early round of Pickleball. Believe it or not, some campers just sit in Adirondack chairs around the water and enjoy a moment of silence.

But there’s another group that decides to make a sacrifice of sleep everyday. 

A growing number of counselors wake up an hour early to live out a very different commitment. A handful of young men bring their bibles and a cup of coffee to the covered porch of Eden Hall to do a bible study

Most counselors look to milk every minute of sleep they can find to recover from long days of tribal games and skills, but for those in the bible study, they find a different nourishment from sitting with scripture. 

It sets the foundation for the day.

While every night, counselors lead their cabins in devotions, these young men find it necessary to go out of their way to devote time to God with other staff members. 

But what’s more, they find it essential to the work they do everyday as counselors at Rockmont.

“If I’m to love a camper well, I need to first be maintaining and caring for my relationship with Jesus,” Jared Dale (counselor) said. “Otherwise, I’m going to be left up to my own devices to try and motivate myself to love campers well, and that’s going to end in self righteousness or frustration.” 

For them, it’s a reminder to place your trust in a more perfect love than our own. 

One counselor told me it’s key to spend time with the Gospel every morning because it fills him with “living water” and keeps him filled throughout what is always a busy day at camp. 

But what these counselors don’t notice are the campers watching them sitting, reading, discussing and praying under the covered porch of the dinning hall. 

While counselors build up their foundations of virtue at dawn, these Rockmont campers (your sons), in the dawn of their lives, play witness to what a life of faith can look like as they grow into the day of manhood.

Luke Vargas 

Assistant Marketing Director

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