A Fantastic Skills-Filled Friday!

Shawn Marler July 16, 2016

It’s been a fantastic skills-filled Friday at Camp Rockmont! Today was an all skills day, so campers got to go to all four skills. Everyone is looking forward to the weekend here at camp. Tonight, the Birch Tribe of Bear Camp went on a tribal campout just before dinner. This campout allows them to bond together as a tribe, sleep under the stars, build a fire, and learn more of the basics of camping! The Buckeye Tribe also left for a cabin campout! During cabin campouts, two cabins are paired, and campers get to spend time with boys they wouldn’t usually get to hang out with.

During skills today, campers had a wonderfully wide variety of learning experiences. In advanced climbing, campers had their first opportunity at belaying one another. This was a wonderful lesson in trust for the boys. During homesteading, campers cleaned animal pens, checked for eggs from the chickens, and took care of the animals. Homesteading skill campers get to have experience caring for ducks, a turkey, chickens, a donkey, and goats! Canoers had a blast with a lake-wide scavenger hunt! Crafts skill campers were working on bracelets for their friends, while campers in Junk Art finished making their boats and had boat races in the creek! This was an especially perfect day for the races since we’ve had some recent rainfall.

After dinner, the campers of Deer Camp got to have a late evening splash on the Gully Washer, the zip line, and on paddleboards and canoes! Afterwards, the campers in the Hickory Tribe had night swim. Night swim is always a blast as campers get to enjoy the waterfront with only their tribe as well as jam out to some music while swimming! Mountain Campers got to spend a much-needed, relaxing night-in for movie night after dinner.

Tonight during devotions, campers and counselors read and discussed Mark 8:34-38 in which Jesus taught about living selflessly. This passage focuses on taking up one’s cross and following Jesus daily. Camp is a wonderful place to work on living selflessly; working together and focusing on others is an every day part of what it means to live in community at camp.

This evening’s Bible story…
Story: Jesus Teaches us to Live Selflessly
Scripture: Mark 8:34-38
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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