A Day that Has Everything!

Mike Peckham August 1, 2014

Another day is winding down around Lake Eden. Thursday had it all: hot, cool, rain, sun, high energy, and big relaxation.

It’s fun to spend so much time outside that you can just roll with whatever the day brings. You see the same kids that were running around in the sun smiling, running in the rain smiling even more. The same one’s that laugh in the heat, laugh when the cool wind blows in. The same ones that run and laugh all day, crash during rest period.

After a delicious breakfast and a crisp, cool morning watch, morning skills began. A varied morning is always a fun morning. Campers spent the time before lunch sailing, climbing, fishing, swimming, and nature…ing.

After a fantastic lunch, rest period arrived. Most cabins slept. Poplars in particular tried to rest up for their night in the woods. Cabin cleanup winners made their way down to the Cola Stop for delicious rewards.

Buckeye started the afternoon with Risk while the Birches began with some classic Powerball. Deer Camp had a camp-wide dodgeball tournament. The Poplars headed to the tribal site for a Campout while the Sycamores played gladiator on the Dam.

Then came everyone’s favorite swim: Free Swim. All of camp enjoyed Disc Golf, Thunderball, The Waterfront, and the Camp Store. After a dinner of pizza, green beans, and chips, evening activities began.

Buckeyes closed the day with Gladiator, while Birches had a dodgeball tournament. Deer Camp played behind enemy lines. The Sycamores played Braveheart up at inspiration point.

After a full day, we returned to our cabins and settled-in for evening devotions. Campers entered the story of Jesus Walking on Water, discovering the good news that God has all things in his hands, no matter the circumstances. And he’s present! Right there with us, joining us in the boat.

A day outside is a good day. And a day with so much going on, tends to make a good night as well.



Michael Peckham

2014 Deer Camp Director

Today’s Bible Story…
Story: Jesus Walks on Water
Scripture: Mark 6:45-52
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What’s the good news?

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