A Day on the Green

Miles Murphy June 21, 2022

Today, Camp Rockmont took to the lower Green River to experience the beauty and power of whitewater. 

This relatively tame class I and II section offered kayakers a chance to hone their skills like ferrying, eddy catching, peeling out, and rolling. These skills require dedication, hard work, and attention to detail to master.

It’s about moving fluidly and forcefully like the river, and not working against it.

Vibrant greens lit up this section of river, and the refreshing cool water soothed our skin on a hot, sunny day. 

It’s hard not to feel God’s love in such an intentionally crafted setting like the Green River, and the boys took advantage of this natural playground throughout the entire run — especially, when swimming at Superman Rock at the takeout. 


I even received a compliment from a long-time instructor from another camp who said he had a meaningful conversation with one of the paddlers about the Paladin program, and he complimented the camper’s disposition and openness. 

The whitewater paddling community is small, but tight.

Seeing campers connect with paddlers from other camps brings me great joy and excitement for their future as newly branded members of the river community.

The stoke on the river was high! 

With four campers having their first-ever whitewater kayaking experience, it was certainly an outing to remember for the whole group. 

We also hiked a quarter-mile upstream to look at an impressive class V rapid called “Hammer Factor,” which the boys enjoyed tremendously. The van ride back to camp was quiet for the most part, with many of the boys taking power naps after the day of playing around in the water. 

A hearty dinner was waiting for us after we unloaded the kayak trailer, and a classic Rockmont sunset led us up to cabins for showers and then bed. 

Praise God for days like this, we will surely remember them forever. 

Miles Murphy

Assistant Camp Director

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