A Day of Fun!

Dan Davis July 17, 2015

We started the day bright and early with a breakfast of eggs, hash-browns, fruit, and pop-tarts to fuel us for the skills ahead. For morning skills, campers were climbing, sailing, homesteading, and more! I always love skill days. The skill heads do such a great job passing on more than skills—they pass on passion. Passion for a new activity is so much more important than information. Campers run up to me at lunch and say “Mike! I learned about snakes today!” or “Mike! We made our own ice cream!” I love all the energy around morning skills at lunchtime.

After lunch of meatball subs and green beans, a much-needed rest period arrived. At 2:15 the cabin cleanup winners headed down to the Cola Stop for their sugary rewards.

Bear Camp played a first time game of “;Pokemon- Gotta Catch ’em All” today. It was incredibly fun! Deer Camp was on the waterfront for an afternoon of swimming, diving, gullywashing, and zip-lining. The Sycamores had a Dodgeball tournament while the Poplar tribe headed off camp for their tribal campout.

After a free swim and a delicious dinner of pasta and green beans, Bear and Deer Camp headed to the gym for a magic show by the great Matt Fore. The Sycamores went to the dam for an epic game of gladiator.

I can glance up now and see the Hemlocks out on the waterfront for night swim. Even though it’s a bit chilly, they carry on and have fun. It’s nice to know that no matter what a day holds… Rockmont knows how to keep the fun rolling.

Mike Peckham
Deer Camp Director

Tonight’s Bible Story…
+Story: The Poor Man and The Rich Man
+Scripture: Luke 16:19-31

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