A Day of Accomplishment & Fellowship

Shawn Marler June 23, 2016

With the arrival of Wednesday, we celebrated the midway point of Week Two. This halfway mark brought about a day full of accomplishment, as campers celebrated their last afternoon skill session. For many, this meant that all the hard work they invested in developing their skills culminated into several triumphs. The Rockets that were being built over the past two weeks launched on their maiden voyage and campers will be returning home with the vehicles that they had crafted. In the Climbing Skill participants got to experience repelling, a skill that is quite different than the other activities they had done the rest of the session because campers had to control their own speed as they descended from the top of the fifty-foot wall. In Outdoor Skills there was also competitions to see which campers could build the best forts and who could start their fire the fastest.

Before Afternoon Skills, however, all campers gathered with their Tribes for activities. Mountain Camp spread their wings across all of Rockmont’s property in order to conquer one another’s teams in camp-wide Risk. Deer Camp played Transformers, and the Autobots and Decepticons faced off in order to find the Allspark. The Birches also strategically played Risk, and the Buckeyes hunted down flags in Gladiator.

When the day was starting to wind down during dinner, the directors surprised the campers with a very important announcement. Tonight the Social was happening, and our neighbors Camps Hollymont and Merri-Mac would be joining us for a night of fun! Music was pouring out of the Gym as campers danced with one another and there were cookies and snow cones aplenty. There were also crafts on the dining hall porch and good conversations to be had by the fire. People were also playing games on the hill in front of the Gym as they waited for a scenic tour of camp by way of Hayride. The shindig allowed new friendships to form and for everyone to really cut loose after a very active week and a half.

As the end of this first session of camp approaches the campers were asked to reflect on John 21:8-17 where Jesus challenges his disciples to tend to the believers and feed their faith. With the last couple of days of camp lying ahead of us, we are all invited to consider how the campers have grown and how they will share their story with the broader world outside of camp and how they will continue to change themselves (and the world) for the better. We are continually living out our mission: Challenge. Grow. Repeat.

This evening’s Bible story…
Story: Do You Love Me?
Scripture: John 21:8-17
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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