A Beautiful, Sunny Wednesday at Camp!

Shawn Marler June 30, 2016

After a delicious and energizing breakfast in Eden Hall, the day at Camp Rockmont was off to a quick start! Deer Camp finished off their Tribal and Cabin Campouts by hiking back to camp this morning, while the Sycamores made their way back from Black Mountain Campground. Once Cabin Cleanup was complete, the Buckeye, Birch, and Poplar tribes all had a full morning of Tribal Activities. An exciting and strategic game of Risk was played by the Buckeyes on the Golf Course, while the Birches participated in Powerball. The Poplars shuffled around to different skills, including Kickball, Tennis, and Thunderball, before diving in to their pre-lunch Free Swim. We were excited to finally have a full dining hall again at lunch today after all of our campers had returned from their camping trips!

It was also a great day for all of our campers because they got to enjoy their afternoon skills! The three hours before dinner were filled with horseback riding, disc golf playing, trap shooting, blacksmithing, and all of our many other skills at camp. A Water Skiing trip also happened today, where a few of the Poplars ventured out to Lake James to try out a variety of water sports. They got to have a go at Wake Boarding, Wake Surfing, Knee Boarding, and Water Skiing. Wake Boarding seemed to be the favorite among the group, and a few of the campers even got up on the slalom ski! The campers on the trip made it back to camp just in time for dinner and for the evening Tribal Activities that followed.

Tonight’s Tribal Activities were loud and exhilarating! The Buckeyes participated in camp-style intramural sports, which included Kickball, Tennis-Baseball, and everyone’s favorite-Thunderball. While all of Deer Camp played Powerball, the Birches played an intense game of Three-Ball-Three-Disc, a combination of soccer and ultimate Frisbee. The Poplars had the chance to strategize and work together in a game of Risk, and the Sycamores played one of camp’s many shirt-tail-tag games, Gladiator, by the Dam. All of these exciting games led into an even more exciting Evening Watch! Tonight was our first Camp-wide Evening Watch of the session. Everyone at camp, campers and staff, met in the gym to sing some of our favorite camp songs and learn about Mark 4:35-41, Jesus Calms the Storm. Our Birch Tribal Director, Logan Miller, shared a personal story of getting caught in a storm in the Wassaw Sound just outside of Savannah, GA. He shared how this experience helped him learn to trust in God’s presence and power even more. We can’t wait for a new day of fun and growth tomorrow at camp!

This evening’s Bible Story…
Story: Jesus Calms the Storm
Scripture: Mark 4:35-41
+Where do you connect with the story?
+What’s the good news?

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