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Winning Redefined: Will’s Story

“Take what belongs to you and go. I choose to give to this last worker as I give to you… So, the (...)

Shawn Marler August 10, 2017

Loved, Welcomed, Cared For, and Valued!

When you watch the camp video on our website, you hear - at the very end - Mark Ragland say these (...)

Shawn Marler August 10, 2017

Disc Golf and the Kingdom of God

“For the kingdom of God is . . . justice and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” Romans (...)

Stan Wilson August 8, 2017

Growing Through Adversity: A Disc Golf Story

In the summer of 2012, Jack stepped onto the Rockmont property on opening Sunday as a veteran, a (...)

Drew Fowler July 28, 2017

Solid Ground: Finding A Place to Stand

“Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the world.\" —Archimedes “Archimedes (c. (...)

Dan Davis July 25, 2017

The Holiness of Hospitality: An Opening Day Reflection

I met Will just this morning in the parking field. He smiled from the backseat as I approached his (...)

Stan Wilson July 24, 2017

Divine Interruptions

I would like to reclaim the concept of interruptions. Historically, they’ve been this unfortunate (...)

Shawn Marler July 19, 2017

A Place to Stand

Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the world. —Archimedes “Archimedes (c. 287–c. (...)

Dan Davis July 17, 2017

Lightbulb Moments: Troublemaker’s Story

As an educator, I often hear the phrase “lightbulb moment” thrown around on what seems like a daily (...)

Drew Fowler July 14, 2017