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The Importance of Play: Mother/Son Pogo Sticking Edition

Camp Rockmont is a special place - a community set aside for new experiences and new (...)

Karen Davis October 16, 2020

The Case for Camping

I believe in the power of a night spent camping in the woods. At Rockmont, we believe in (...)

Andrew Ginn October 9, 2020

The Power of Friendships to Shape our Lives

The core of any camp experience is friendship. When all goes well at camp, we find friends who (...)

Stan Wilson September 24, 2020

How to Have a Productive and Fun Family Meeting

  This article\'s timing may seem interesting given most of us have been spending a lot (...)

Dan Davis September 18, 2020

Group Game Facilitation

Picture this... 200+ high schoolers, 2 hours, 20 orange cones, a soccer field, and... You. Summer (...)

Michael "Murph" Murphy September 10, 2020

Let Your Son Make Choices When He’s Afraid

Most young men are used to making certain choices: what will I wear? What do I want to eat? Do I (...)

Mike Peckham September 4, 2020

Welcome to the F.U.N.N. Zone!

If you like doing cool things that are new, we have a video series for you. Rockmont friends and (...)

Rockmont Staff February 5, 2019

Vibrant and Alive

Three tribes returned from their campouts this morning. A light rain fell last night, and then the (...)

Shawn Marler June 14, 2017

Engineering an Expedition

“It takes a village” is a phrase that is never more true than at a place like camp. Filled with so (...)

Shawn Marler June 14, 2017