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What Do You Seek?

One of my favorite things about going to camp each summer was the autonomy given to me. (...)

Elias Longenecker April 8, 2024

Why We Camp

  Camping and exploring the outdoors is one of the key components of our mission at Camp (...)

Austin Ashcraft March 18, 2024

Earn Your Turns- Exploring Rockmont’s new Mountain Biking Trails

A team of professional trail builders has been working hard on our new mountain biking trail system (...)

Justin Bennett March 6, 2024

Embracing Tradition and Scaling New Heights: Unveiling Our New Logo

We are thrilled to announce a milestone in our organization\'s journey - a brand new logo that pays (...)

The Rockmont Team January 12, 2024

My “Camp Self”

I’ve often hear from parents: “camp changed my son,” and that “he came back home a better man,” or (...)

Justin Bennett January 5, 2024
Turtle Back Falls

A Young Man’s First Summer at Camp

I spent most of my childhood in western North Carolina and was blessed with the incredible outdoor (...)

Miles Murphy December 7, 2023

Camps Collaborate

This week, I arrived back from Liverpool having attended the 2023 Camp Leaders Camp Collab (...)

Daniel Weatherby November 16, 2023

A Parent’s Perspective

Anticipation was high in the early morning hours of 3am. Rolling out of bed with only a few hours (...)

Maria & Tom Wolter August 4, 2023

Camp Friends Are Life-Long Friends

One of the most meaningful aspects of camp is the profound sense of camaraderie and friendship that (...)

Justin Bennett August 3, 2023