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Farm Manager

Tyler Johnson

Raised in West Virginia, Tyler carries with him a deep appreciation for country living and the principles of homesteading. His professional journey, rich and diverse, has taken him from managing housekeeping at Yellowstone National Park, where he worked with individuals from various cultures, to running a wellness facility with a focus on holistic therapies, and later exploring the world of mushroom farming and farm consulting. These experiences have equipped him with a unique set of skills and a wealth of knowledge, strengthening his appreciation for hard work, resourcefulness, and determination.

Off duty, Tyler cherishes time spent with his wife, Mariah, and their family, often enjoying the great outdoors through hiking, camping, and exploration. He carries a passion for learning and developing new skills, particularly those tied to the lifestyle he was brought up in.

Now serving as the Farm Manager at Rockmont, Tyler finds the alignment of personal beliefs and career profoundly fulfilling. Guided by his faith and the principle of ‘function over fashion,’ he is passionate about his role in an organization that not only reflects his personal values but is also committed to preparing young men for their futures. To him, Rockmont represents more than a job – it is an embodiment of his faith in God’s Will and an opportunity to create lasting impacts.

Tyler has already been hard at work preparing the farm and counting down the days until camper arrival with Sancho, our resident donkey.