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Property Director

Steve Sandman

Steve (or Stevie) has been a part of the Rockmont staff since 1988.  He spent over 30 summers working as a cabin counselor, Tribal Director, Camp Director, Skill Head, and Transportation Director while also working as a professional School Counselor in the local school system.  In 2021, Steve left the School Counseling world to join the full time staff as the Director of Buildings and Grounds during the off season and continue as the Transportation Director for the summer season.

Steve is a graduate of Furman University and Western Carolina University.  Steve has always felt called to work and serve in ways that demonstrate the incomprehensible grace and love of God and to help others see and experience the joy of having a dynamic, real, personal relationship with our Creator, through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Steve’s greatest desire for our campers and guests is for them to grow closer to the God that created them and loves them more than we can ever imagine. You can contact Steve by reaching out to him over email at

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