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Director of External Relations

Chuck Flournoy

Rockmont has been an integral part of Chuck’s life since he first arrived as a camper in 1972. After spending 2 years as a camper, Chuck served as Junior Counselor, Counselor, Tribal Director, CIT Director, and Soccer Skill Head. He also founded the Southern Soccer Academy, which was held at Rockmont each summer for a number of years.

Following an 11 year career as an independent school administrator, Chuck embarked on a 22 year career as an executive in the telecommunications industry – the last 17 of which were in Richmond, VA where he served as COO, President and Chief Strategy Officer of Mapcom Systems.

When the time was right for Chuck and his wife, Kathy, to retire from their “Chapter Two” careers, they jumped at the opportunity to buy King and Mur Taylor’s house here on the grounds of Camp, overlooking the Council Ring that Mountain Camp used in the late ’80s/early ’90s. It didn’t take long for him to rejoin the Rockmont staff, initially as Program Director and now as Director of External Relations.

Chuck believes that the Rockmont experience can be a cornerstone of a life of service and leadership, that the Rockmont motto is an ongoing roadmap for navigating all of life’s challenges, opportunities and adventures.

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