Health & Wellness While At Camp

We are committed to the growth and well-being of children, and our Director or Risk Management’s chief responsibility is to supervise all of our efforts to foster health and safety in this adventurous place.

Below you will find links to articles written by our team of directors. We continue to add content from our program to this list throughout the year. At the bottom of the page there is a place to write a question to Stan and our team of directors. Feel free to ask anything, and one of our directors will get back to you.


Rockmont and the American Camp Association

“For over 100 years the ACA has worked with camp professionals to insure the quality of camp experiences. They provide extraordinary training, resources, and an extensive set of standards which every accredited camp must meet.”


How we work with our staff, parents, and members of our community to prevent sexual misconduct

“It is not easy to talk about sexual abuse, but it is important to talk about it because awareness and education are the first steps toward any plan of prevention.” 


How we work to prevent and treat viruses and communicable diseases.

“Camp is about friendship, community, adventure, growth, and wide open fun. And camp is made possible by good habits of health and well-considered practices of medical care… The emergence of Coronavirus is a serious issue for all of us, camps included. At Rockmont, we are paying close attention to this situation, regularly monitoring developments from the CDC and other health authorities, consulting with the Association of Camp Nursing, and working with our own health care team.”

Rockmont Updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19) 


How we Swim

“At Rockmont, campers of any swimming ability can swim every single day! And they’re able to do so because of our lifeguards, counselor/staff lookouts, and our buddy system. Read more about how we work to create a safe and fun swimming environment in this week’s Health & Wellness article.”

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