2024 Family Camp!

Family Camp Registration is OPEN!

Be a Rockmont Camper, as a Family!

Enroll for Family Camp 2024 Today!

We’re excited to announce Family Camp is BACK in 2024!

Sunday, August 4th – Thursday, August 8th

Spend 5 days/4 nights at Rockmont and participate in all the classic Rockmont Activities! All meals are provided, from arrival to departure.


We will have three different types of accommodation: Premium Cabin, Standard Cabin, & Tent Camping. Each family will enjoy their own cabin. If you are interested in bunking with another family, reach out to us at info@rockmont.com!

Standard Cabins
10 to 12 Bunks Total
35 Cabins Available
Premium Cabins
10 to 16 Bunks Total
12 Cabins Available
Tent Camping
Bring your own tent! 4 Person Rockmont Tents are available to rent.
Limited Space

Standard Cabins

Standard cabins are located on the Deer & Mountain Camp hills throughout camp. These cabins are screened-in and offer the quintessential summer-camp experience. Each cabin has a picnic table either inside the cabin, or on a covered porch right outside the front cabin door. These cabins have lights and outlets, while maintaining their rustic feel. A gender separated bathroom/shower-house is a short distance from every cabin.

Standard cabins have between 10 & 12 bunks each.

$3,550 for a family 4 – all meals and activities included.

$400 for any additional family members.


Premium Cabins

Premium Cabins are located in the Bear Camp lodges, first built by E.W. Grove. Each Premium Cabin has entrances accessible from the inside of the lodge, a private sink/toilet area, and close access to a shower house. These cabins are centrally located. While they have screens to let the breeze in, it is also possible to close each cabin’s windows, further insulating the space. Each cabin also has outlets to charge electronics, etc.

Premium cabins have between 10 & 16 bunks each.

$3,975 for a family 4 – all meals and activities included.

$400 for any additional family members.


Tent Camping

Enjoy all the thrills of a Rockmont Camp session in a tent that is located right near our dining hall! You will also have access to the Bear Camp shower-house that is located just beyond the Rockmont dining hall. If you are interested in renting a Rockmont tent for a small charge, reach out to our team at info@rockmont.com.

$2,250 for a family 4 – all meals and activities included.

$400 for any additional family members.


Enroll for Family Camp 2024 Today!


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Family Camp Financial Policy

An $800 deposit is required to reserve a spot for your family. This deposit and any tuition paid is refundable, less a $250 processing fee, up until February 1. As all lodging tiers are in high demand, we cannot hold a place for your family until the deposit has been paid in full. The entire deposit becomes non-refundable after February 1. Any remaining tuition balance must be paid in full by March 15 in order to maintain your family’s spot. No refunds will be given for any reason for cancellations after March 15, and there are no refunds for late arrivals, or early departures. Accordingly, we highly recommend you consider a tuition insurance policy from a third party to protect the investment in your family’s camp tuition.