Facility Rental Rates

Overnight Stays

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Daily Fees

The following fees include full access to our grounds, including the dining hall, sports fields, tennis courts, volley ball court, gymnasium, etc. No lodging is included.

Number of PeopleMon–ThursFridaySaturdaySunday
2001+Let’s talk!

*Please note: Holidays fall under Saturday rates.

Optional Amenities

Please note: We require a minimum of two hours for the following activities.


  • $135/hr for groups up to 150 persons with rotating swimming areas open
  • $180/hr for groups up to 150 persons with all swimming areas open
  • $220/hr for groups over 150 persons with all swimming areas open


$90/hr for 10-12 canoes and one instructor

Stand Up Paddleboards (15-20)

  • $90/hr for groups up to 75 persons
  • $125/hr for groups over 100 persons

1-2 instructors will be available depending on size and number of water activities


$130/hr for groups up to 150 persons and $135/hr for larger groups

Gully Washer


Climbing Wall

$55/hr/ 1st rope and $35/hr for each additional rope (5 rope max, 2 rope min.)

Tree Climbing

$55/hr/ 1st rope and $35/hr for each additional rope…4 rope max


16 stations available. 2- 5 instructors required depending on group age and size

Pricing and availability upon request only.

Air Rifle

$80/hr/6 stations and one instructor

Pony Rides


Outdoor Movie (evening activity)

$500/ Enjoy watching movies on our 20 ft by 10 ft outdoor screen.

Includes 2 movies, popcorn and lemonade


Interested in using our Waterfront? Please view our Waterfront Safety page for more information.