Dear Rockmont Families

Dear Camp Families,


We are writing to let you know that, as of now, our hope is to enjoy another healthy, adventurous summer session at Rockmont. Our current plan is to continue with all summer programs as scheduled. By the summer, we believe that all of us will likely need camp more than ever. 

With the landscape shifting day to day, we will only know what actual changes we will face as we get closer to summer. We are currently in conversation with medical staff, program staff, and directors to bolster our established cleaning, food service, and illness prevention policies. We are also in conversation with area camps and health authorities, as we are now trekking through uncharted territory. We are making plans for all types of possible scenarios regarding school and travel changes.

I know we’re all feeling the stress from the effects of the Coronavirus in different ways –  economically, socially, and emotionally. Globally, people are adapting to an entirely different way of living. We are encouraged that so many people are putting aside personal needs for the needs of their communities. Jesus calls us to love our neighbors, and we are seeing people rise to the challenge of that love. 

We are thankful for you, and we pray for you. We remember all of you who are in medical professions, serving others through risk and uncertainty, no doubt working long hours. We give thanks for teachers who are working to keep students engaged online. We remember all those who are at risk of this virus, and those who face serious economic change. We pray for parents helping their children learn how to wash their hands and for children aching to run and play freely. We remember our summer staff, who have had their academic lives interrupted. We remember the poor, and all those who wonder whether they will have what they need as we face the unknown.

We talk about faith a lot at Rockmont. Now we are all facing a time that calls us to walk in that faith, and to walk in hope and love. Now is the time to remember all those stories we tell about a God whose love holds this whole world together. Now is the time to remember those songs – we call them hallway songs, that bolster our courage and remind us who we are called to be. 

Thank you for the opportunity to work at a place like this, where young people come together to hear good news, to stretch for new heights, and to grow in confidence and hope. We will be together again, and we pray for that day to come soon.


Mike and Stan

Rockmont COVID-19 Updates