Camp Rockmont Dates & Rates

Early Registration for Returning Camper Families is Open. Full Registration Opens August 26, at 11:00 am!


2020 Starter Camp (Ages 6-10)

Starter Camp 16 DaysJune 7–12$1700Early Registration Open!
Starter Camp 26 DaysJune 14-19$1700Early Registration Open!
Starter Camp 36 DaysAugust 2-7$1700Early Registration Open!

October Discount: $140 off* 

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2020 Classic Camp (Ages 7-16)

Classic 113 DaysJune 7–19$3900Early Registration Open!
Classic 213 DaysJune 21–July 3$3900Early Registration Open!
Classic 313 DaysJuly 5–17$3900Early Registration Open!
Classic 413 DaysJuly 19-31$3900Early Registration Open!

October Discount: $310 off*

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2020 Base Camp (Ages 11-16)

Base Camp 120 DaysMay 31-Jun 19$5250Early Registration Open!
Base Camp 220 DaysJuly 19–Aug 7$5250Early Registration Open!

October Discount: $420 off*

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2020 Summit Camp (Ages 11-16)

Summit Camp 127 DaysJune 7-July 3$6500Early Registration Open!
Summit Camp 227 DaysJuly 5-31$6500Early Registration Open!

October Discount: $520 off*

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*October discount applies if paid in full by October 1, 2019



2020 Catalyst Program (Ages 16-17)

Catalyst Session 213 DaysJune 21-July 3$3425Early Registration Open!
Catalyst Session 313 DaysJuly 5–July 17$3425Early Registration Open!


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2020 Service and Leadership Corps (Ages 16-17)

SLC 128 DaysJune 6-July 3$3250Early Registration Open!
SLC 228 DaysJuly 4–31$3250Early Registration Open!

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Financial Policy

A $500.00 deposit is required to reserve a spot for your camper. The balance of the camp fee is due by March 1st. Any cancellation made before March 1st will receive a full refund (less a $100 processing fee). After March 1st there is no refund except in the event of illness or injury. In such an event, 50% of the tuition will be refunded or 100% of the tuition (less the $100 processing fee) will be rolled over to the following summer.