2023 Dates & Rates FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions!

Familiar with our session names from 2022 and want to see the same length session? See the table below!

2022 Session
2023 Session
4 Weeks
Summit Camp
Main Camp
3 Weeks
Base Camp
June Camp
2 Weeks
Classic Camp
2-Week Camp
1 Weeks
Starter Camp
Mini Camp

2023 Dates & Rates


Will there be different activities offered in Main or June camp? Or are those sessions just longer?

June and Main camp offer advanced skills (in all of our adventure skills, + Blacksmithing, Homesteading, Ceramics, & more) and adventure skill trips, more campout opportunities, and more opportunities for activities on camp! Longer sessions allow campers to move towards mastery in their skills & activities. It also encourages the development of personal growth through greater independence and accountability.


Longer sessions also foster more meaningful friendships with campers and staff!

Is there an age limit on 2 week camps?

There is not an age limit for the 2 Week program. Rising 11th Graders are recommended to venture towards our CIT program!


2-Week Camp is open to all rising 1st – 10th grade campers!

What is the youngest age for 3 week or 4 week camp?

Rising 5th Graders. If you’re interested in a 3 or 4 week session for your son who is younger, give us a call! We’d love to begin the conversation about our longer programs for your family.

What is Main Camp?

The main session is the full 4-Week Rockmont experience. Campers have more opportunities to go deeper in friendships, skills, cabin bonds, Council, and adventure trips. It is the ultimate Rockmont experience for cabin campers. Differences between the sessions can be found here! Or on our Date’s & Rates page under the dropdown See Session Differences

Will the same skills/trips be offered for the 2-Week session?

All on-site skills will be available to 2-Week campers!

We will also be offering the optional Whitewater Rafting Trip Waterskiing Trip for 2, 3, & 4 week sessions.

What about Catalyst?

We’re planning to announce Catalyst or a similar program for our 17 year olds soon! It may be that we hold this event at a different time of year, so our rising 11th and 12th grade campers can enjoy a session as a CIT during the summer.

What are Adventure & Advanced Skills?

Adventure Skills: Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Paddling, & Outdoor Survival Skills

Trips for these skills are offered for our June (3-Week) & Main (4-Week) Sessions!

Skills you can take Advanced Levels ofBlacksmithing, Ceramics, Homesteading, & more!