Summer Camp Sessions

Session Differences!

Session & Feature(s)
Mini Camp
Two Week Camp
June Camp
Main Camp
Weeks filled with growth in Confidence, Independence, Leadership Ability, and Character (number of weeks)
Tribal Activities
Free Swims (Free Time)
Choose Your Own Skills!
Councils (and number)
√ √
√ √ √
√ √ √ √
5 Year Steak Opportunity
√ √
Closing Fireside
√ √
On Site Camp Store Open
√ √
Skill Trips! (Canoeing, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Backpacking)
Advanced Skill Opportunities
Main Camp Exclusive Adventure skill multi-day trips

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Main Camp

4-Weeks of Summer Camp

Main Camp is the paramount Camp Rockmont experience for any camper- first time or seasoned veteran.  Four weeks allows campers the unique opportunity to forge deep and enduring friendships that last a lifetime!

• Experience the fulfilling personal growth that 4 full weeks at Rockmont provides, including personal character growth, spiritual growth, and physical growth as you hone in your abilities in your skills of choice.

• Explore all of what Western North Carolina has to offer with intermediate and advanced off-camp rock climbing, mountain biking, whitewater kayaking and canoeing, and backpacking trips to some of the most iconic trails, mountains, and rivers in the country!

• Get the most out of the Rockmont Council program – helping campers grow in: self confidence, independence, leadership ability, & christian character.

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June Camp

3-Weeks of Summer Camp

• Try new skills and begin to move towards mastery.

• Embark on incredible adventures as a cabin and as an individual.

• Form meaningful relationships with your cabinmates, other campers, and staff members!

• June Camp (3-week session) begins our Adventure Skill Trip opportunities (in Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Paddling, & Backpacking)

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2-Week Camp

13 Days of Summer Camp

Previously Classic Camp, the 2-Week session at Rockmont offers the opportunity for campers to choose their own skills, begin the Rockmont Council program, and explore more of what camp has to offer – from expansive games to a cabin campout!

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Mini Camp

6 Days of Summer Camp

This 1-week camp experience offers an introduction to Summer camp for campers and families!

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