Rockmont Gatherings

The Rockmont Camp Gathering takes place in both homes and/or schools of our host families. The purpose of the event is to gather with returning and prospective camp families to introduce them to our staff, to each other and build excitement for the coming summer. On occasion we will include camp alumni and staff to rekindle ties, tell favorite stores, and enjoy the camaraderie.

It is a prime time for new campers and their parents to meet with Rockmont directors, hear more about Rockmont’s vision of growth and male development, and have their questions answered. The kids also have an opportunity to meet new camp friends and gain insight from a peer perspective.

Returning camp families have a great chance to meet and connect or re-connect with Rockmont families in their area. They can call up their favorite Rockmont memories and hatch plans for the coming summer.

Gatherings generally last an hour to an hour and a half and are held in the late afternoon (Sundays) or early evening (Monday-Thursday). In addition to providing snacks and/or pizza, the Rockmont staff brings display items, giveaways and the camp movie.

Camp Rockmont will promote the event and provide materials including print postcards, digital brochures, and social media pieces which the host can distribute. In addition, Rockmont will reach out to prospective families in the area with a personal invitation.

For some events we end the evening with a raffle. Attendees can win a special camp discount, prize from our camp store, or even local Black Mountain hotel and restaurant coupons. If you are interested in hosting a gathering or helping us facilitate one in your area, we’d love for you to get in touch!

Interested in Hosting?