Service & Leadership Corps

What was our CIT (Counselor in Training) program has now become the Service and Leadership Corps. We are training young men to become counselors at Rockmont, and our counselors are chosen for their commitments, maturity, developing skills, and growing faith. The Service and Leadership Corps is a transitional program for young men with a focus on Fun, Counselor Skill Training, Leadership Development, Work Training, and Community Service.


We ask every counselor, “What do you do for fun?” We want counselors who can bring the fun to this incredibly beautiful place, so a major focus of the SLC experience is enjoying four weeks together. SLC is a capstone experience for many Rockmont campers.

Counselor Skill Training  

We want counselors who are pursuing an interest in craftmanship and adventurous activities. Every SLC member will choose one major area, and we will provide training, mentorship, and experience: Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Blacksmithing, Woodworking.

Leadership Development

Leadership is a humble, but vital calling. We want counselors who will work to help the young men in their care identify the challenges they must face in order to grow and thrive. That kind of leadership takes training and reflection. Every day SLC will be called to identify their own leadership challenges and opportunities. Each SLC will have the opportunity to be the “Leader of the Day”.  This gives them the chance to more clearly identify strengths, weaknesses, and their leadership values.

Work Training

Rockmont staff know how to work hard, so we want counselors who are willing to use a broom and a mop. Sweeping is a humble but important workplace skill, and it is a symbol of the kind of servant leadership we are trying to foster. SLC will learn how to get into a rhythm of work by showing up most meals to serve, sweep, and mop the dining hall.

Community Service

We want our counselors to develop a vision for God’s kingdom and their place in it. We introduce young men to some of the work God is doing in the larger world through Habitat for Humanity, the Black Mountain Community Garden, and other service organizations.

2020 Service and Leadership Corps (Ages 16-17)

SLC 128 DaysJune 6-July 3$3250Open!
SLC 228 DaysJuly 4–31$3250Open!