Counselor in Training (CIT)

Rockmont’s Culminating Experience


The Counselor in Training program is the culminating experience of any Rockmont camper and an introduction and preparation for membership on the Rockmont staff. It is a four-week celebration, a time to give back to camp, and most important, a time for young men to reflect together on their experiences of faith, growth, and friendship as they consider their own personal leadership opportunities.

CIT’s learn the joy of shared work by serving Bear Camp (6-10 year old campers) tables and sweeping the dining hall after meals. They head out into the community to practice intentional service with local organizations and they lead the way into fun at Rockmont by engaging in the activities and traditions of camp. CIT’s receive leadership training as assistants in skill instruction and in group work. . . and they enjoy adventures into the surrounding mountains to ski, bike, camp, hike, climb, and swim. It is an honor to join the ranks of the CIT. Preference is given to those who have completed the Catalyst Program.


2022 CIT (Ages 16-17)

Session Days Dates Costs Status
CIT 1 14 Days June 11-24 $1000 OPEN!
CIT 2 14 Days June 25 - July 8 $1000 OPEN!
CIT 3 14 Days July 9-22 $1000 OPEN!
CIT 4 14 Days July 23 - August 5 $1000 OPEN!