Camp Rockmont for Boys

summer of adventure. lifetime of friendship.

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Over 90% of parents report growth in the specific areas of:

Self Confidence, Independence, Leadership Ability,  and/or Christian Character

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Our Mission

Our Mission is Growth

Camp Rockmont is a Christian summer camp for boys, located in the mountains of North Carolina, that focuses on growth in self-confidence, independence, leadership ability and character. Young men come to Rockmont to have fun, make friends, and grow as individuals. The benefits last a lifetime!

Dates & Rates


Parent Story

“… I will say, this is the best decision that I have ever made to bring Brody to Rockmont. This is his time – his time to be, to grow, to form relationships and gain insight into his own strengths.”   – Carrie Raleigh, NC

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Parent Story

“We tell Seth that sending him to Rockmont is an investment in the man he will become. . . And it is worth every single penny.”   -Rachel Winston Salem, NC

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Parent Story

Liam came home and could not help out ENOUGH around the house. He put his Homesteading skills to good use and helped harvest vegetables from our garden. Then he wanted to know what else he could do! It was so nice to see him engaging in something other than an iPad. Eliot literally grew while […]

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Parent Story

“My husband and I keep looking at each other wondering how long this positive will change will last. It is night and day when it comes to initiative, attitude toward us, response when corrected, engagement in conversations… I can go on and on.”   -Tara Baton Rouge, LA

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We seek to help each camper grow


Providing activities that challenge the camper to stretch himself in healthy ways physically.


Creating a community where each child feels respected and heard, while also providing opportunities for him to respect and hear others.


Teaching campers to thrive in a new environment and make new friends, particularly through the cabin experience.


Inviting campers to be awake and reminded of God’s deep love for them, and modeling what it means to follow Jesus.

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  • Overnight Summer Camp
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Overnight Summer Camp

Campers and staff work together to create an incredibly fun and meaningful Christian community. Each summer we partner with parents to invite young men to answer a universal call to adventure and discover things about themselves that require the kind of experience that only a quality boys summer camp can provide.

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