The Camp Rockmont Mission

A Proven Mission

Founded in 1956 as an interdenominational Christian summer camp for boys, Camp Rockmont seeks to provide each camper with fun and adventure through appropriate challenges; a better understanding and respect for self and others through group living and shared experiences; an appreciation and concern for the environment; greater self-reliance; deeper Christian commitments; and a greater understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

In a single word, our mission is GROWTH!

Every person is loved, respected, and valued at Camp Rockmont, and we seek to help each camper grow in the following ways while at camp:


By providing activities that challenge the camper to stretch himself in healthy ways physically.


By creating a community where each camper feels respected and heard, while also providing opportunities for him to respect and hear others.


By teaching campers to thrive in a new environment and make new friends, particularly through the cabin experience.



By inviting campers to be awake to and reminded of God’s deep love for them, and modeling what it means to follow Jesus.