The Camp Rockmont Mission

In a single word, our mission is GROWTH!

Every person is loved, respected, and valued at Camp Rockmont, and we seek to help each camper grow in the following ways while at camp:

Self Confidence

“Thank you for all of the hard work and love that goes in to making this experience so wonderful. I love the confidence that grew in Marion and the thoughtfulness as a son, neighbor, and friend.”

– MJ, South Carolina


“He seems so much more mature and independent, and more confident in his own decision-making.”

– Diane, North Carolina

Leadership Ability

“We have seen such a positive difference since he has come home. He is so much more sure of himself and who he is and what he likes. We are thankful!”

– Renee, Tennessee


Christian Character

“My husband and I keep looking at each other wondering how long this positive will change will last. It is night and day when it comes to initiative, attitude toward us, response when corrected, engagement in conversations… I can go on and on.”

– Tara, Louisiana