About Rockmont

At Camp Rockmont, campers and staff work together to create an incredibly fun and meaningful Christian community in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Each summer, Rockmont serves over 1,400 boys from all over the U.S. and other countries. We partner with parents to invite young men to answer a universal call to adventure and discover things about themselves that require the kind of experience that only a quality boys summer camp can provide. We invite your son to be part of that journey!


Camps are known to be places where stories are developed and shared, whether around a campfire, in the cabin, or on the road traveling home. This place has been telling a story over the last century, though the voices have changed over the years.

First built by the famous Asheville developer E.W. Grove (Grove Park Inn), Lake Eden and its lodges were originally a family retreat area. The natural beauty provided a respite from work. The land and property were later sold to the historic Black Mountain College in the 1930s, a creative learning community that was not afraid to experiment with new ideas in the visual arts, performing arts, and architecture. When the College closed in 1956, Camp Rockmont was founded as a Christian summer camp for boys.

Since its founding in 1956, Camp Rockmont has been a place where boys have found space and opportunity to grow into the men that God is calling each of them to be. Rockmont presents age-appropriate challenges that become the vehicle to personal growth and whole-person development. Campers encounter these growth-inspiring challenges through the cabin experience and through time spent in large-group activities and camp skills – basically, lots of FUN – all of which happens in a supportive community. For the last half century and more, Rockmont has been developing a language around male development, honing in on what it means to grow as a young man.

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